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Mid Yorkshire has ‘delivered’ the Meeting the Challenge changes.

When Government says ‘jump’ organisations have to say, ‘How high!’

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This three year programme to transform hospital care across North Kirklees and Wakefield is now at an end and we monitor how the redesigned services are bedding in.

This came to an end on Sept 4 as changes to acute medicine services at both the Dewsbury and Pinderfields hospital sites were delivered. This means Pinderfields Hospital is now The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trusts centre for acute and critical care services and allows Dewsbury and District Hospital and Pontefract to become centres of excellence for rehabilitation and elective care.

We have achieved a lot over the three year length of the programme.


  • Ambulatory emergency care service in Dewsbury offering rapid access to diagnosis and treatment without the need for hospital admission
  • Children’s assessment unit opens in Dewsbury


  • Ophthalmology centre opens at Pinderfields
  • Acute cardiology services were centralised at Pinderfields resulting in faster transfer to specialist care and shorter lengths of stay


  • Midwife-led birth centre opens at Dewsbury.  All births requiring a consultant were centralised at Pinderfields
  • Neo-natal services and children’s inpatient care centralised at Pinderfields


  • Transfer of inpatient care for acute medical patients from Dewsbury to Pinderfields.

We now have a model of care that is safer and more sustainable for local people and new services include:

  • Opening of the new Acute Care Unit (ACU) on gate 27 at Pinderfields
  • Two new Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) Frailty assessment units at Dewsbury and Pinderfields  This is a dedicated service for elderly care focusing on rapid assessment; treatment and helping people with frailty get back home as soon as they are well enough
  • The development of a Clinical Decision Unit at Dewsbury, where patients would be admitted for a short time (normally under 12 hours) for tests and initial treatment before being discharged or transferred to a ward
  • Increased rehabilitation at Dewsbury and Pontefract Hospitals
  • Opening of medicine and elderly care step down wards at Dewsbury and Pontefract for people who are out of the acute phase of their care episode but not yet able to go home.

By putting specialist and critical care onto one site means the most seriously ill patients get faster access to senior clinicians with the right skills who are located together.  This means patients who are seriously ill are more likely to make a good recovery.

Dewsbury Hospital continues to have a 24hrs a day A&E Emergency Department. It can treat any patient who comes through the doors with a life threatening medical emergency such as head injuries, severe bleeding and cardiac arrest. If there is a need for a hospital admission this may lead to a transfer to the Pinderfields site.

Dewsbury A&E is not an Urgent Care Centre which is limited in what it provides and usually provides patients treatment for issues that are not life threatening such as broken bones and animal bites.

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It’s Go, for the downgrade to Dewsbury District Hospital starting on 4th September.

The North Kirklees CCG Governing Body heard on 30 August 2017, that the CCG’s conversation with Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) had given them assurance that there was enough capacity, that is as many ambulances,  drivers and paramedics as was needed, to make extra journeys necessary due to the withdrawal of acute medicine services from DDH, possible.  The Governing Body did not hear that YAS had given the CCG written assurance! Nor did the campaign group have much confidence in anyone’s assurances, when a member of the group said a person they knew had been discharged from the A&E at DDH with a broken hip, due to the refusal to do an x-ray of it,  on the very day of the CCG Governing Body meeting and the following day when an ambulance was called, they had to wait over 2 and a half hours for it to arrive.  Of course they were taken to Pinderfields because as the ambulance staff said, “We will be severely restricted as to who we can take to Dewsbury Hospital from next week.”

Possibly that person in the Pinderfields bed, did not see the representative from the North Kirklees CCG on BBC Look North, explaining how the service was  ‘improved’ at Dewsbury today (1st September)!

Other people have had great service at Dewsbury A&E, in and out with a broken wrist, x-rayed, plastered and discharged within an hour, for example and the nurses and doctors friendly and helpful.

This downgrade, is a systemic problem brought about by 7 years of  deliberate underfunding, lack of workforce planning , fragmentation,  under investment in every area of doctor and nurse education and training, public denigration of dedicated doctors and nurses and all to dismantle the NHS as a whole.

What is happening in Nottingham is a scandal and disgrace.

Centene Corporation contract with Nottingham NHS organisations is £2.7m can of worms

If you have frustrating experience of Dewsbury’s A&E please let us know via the comments box.  We had permission to mention the patient story above. We will never publish anything which has not had permission from you, in writing! Thanks.