Are Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust planning to privatise by the back door?

There has been a sudden rash of Hospital Trusts in the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership, privatising their estates, porters, cleaners and other staff into a private company wholly owned by the Hospital Trust Board, colloqually known as a SubCo.

Airedale and Harrogate Hospitals companies went live very recently and the current staff were TUPE’d over to leave their employment in the NHS and become non NHS employees.

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust is referring to the new company as an SPV or Special Purpose Vehicle. We know that there is a similar structure in place to service the ongoing PFI arrangements, which rather begs the question is Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust going to be taken over in the future by its SPV through some Venture Capital deal?

Paula Sherriff MP has been asked for comment but has not replied yet.

Roy Lilley, respected NHS commentator is worth reading on the subject, here:-

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