We are widening the scope of the campaign.

Has a hospital or ward closed near you? Has your Local Authority’s Scrutiny Committee recently referred the proposals to the Independent Review Panel? (formerly called the Independent Reconfiguration Panel?) If so please will you let us know! E-mail STP_Agony Aunt <stpagony@gmail.com> 

Calderdale and Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS is starting a campaign to get the Independent Review Panel to broaden its terms of reference to include investigating the damaging effects of the government’s “austerity” policy on the NHS and social care; and the effect of Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships on NHS “reconfiguration” proposals. For more info, see Calderdale and Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS – Hospital cuts consultation.

They would be very glad of the involvement of other campaign groups from across England, whose NHS and social care cuts and changes have been recently or currently referred to the Independent Review Panel.

Dewsbury is a case in point.

Dewsbury Hospital’s A&E was rated 6th best in the country in 2012.  Now it’s been downgraded and cannot take blue light ambulances. In the first year since the it opened and the A&E downgrade,  79 women in labour at Dewsbury’s midwife-led birth centre had to be blue-lighted 20 minutes to Pinderfields Hospital because something went wrong.  The Birth Trauma Association (BTA), which helps women who have been through traumatic deliveries, just last week in reference to Dewsbury, said transfers were risky for mothers and babies! – which is exactly why the Joint Kirklees and Wakefield Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee  referred the proposals to the IRP in 2013. Unfortunately the IRP said the changes were ok. They’re not.

A Birth Centre is wonderful…if there’s an A&E next door! Huddersfield birth centre is the next to have its hospital’s A&E cut. Kirklees and Calderdale Joint Health Scrutiny Committee has referred THAT proposal to the Secretary of State.

If you can remember reports in the local news about your hospital cuts, closures and a referral to the Sec of State, please let us know. stpagony@gmail.com

There are now 8000 fewer hospital beds than in 2010. In September this year Simon Wright, Chief Executive of Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals, said

I think is it really important we remember that the best solution is to keep both A&E departments open’.

And he is right. Please let us know, and share the petition….Thank you


We do not want to go back in time!

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