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Halifax Road main entrance as it used to look. It has been changed in the initiative to erect motivational adverts in all Mid Yorks Hospitals.

Yesterday, 28 June 2017, MP Paula Sherriff asked a question about Dewsbury Hospital and Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, at Prime Ministers Question Time.

Ms Sherriff asked: “She stated, and I quote, ‘people were scaremongering’.

“Can she use this opportunity today to reassure my constituents that all services will be retained at both hospitals, including a full A&E provision?”


The Prime Minister responded: “Yes I was asked about Dewsbury A&E and I can confirm that Dewsbury A&E is not closing. The service will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and patients will see no change to their services.”

In fact the A&E in Dewsbury is already downgraded, so there will be no change to provision and it will remain so. It is NOT  FULL A&E provision although, yes it is open 24 hours a day and you can go there seven days a week.

Full A&E provision in the traditionally accepted form,  involves the availability of a High Dependency Unit, Intensive Care, a complete set of consultants from all specialities and general surgeons ready to deal with emergency injuries. These facilities are no longer available at Dewsbury District Hospital.  The new name for a ‘proper’ A&E is Emergency Centre.  Dewsbury is not an Emergency Centre.

Young children who are taken to Dewsbury between 8pm at night and 10am the following morning are sent to Pinderfields, even for minor cuts to the face and even if no x-rays or scans are deemed necessary. Children needing overnight stays for monitoring or further tests need to be taken to Pinderfields.

People suffering from a stroke should go to Pinderfields.

Emergency childbirth cases go to Pinderfields. Dewsbury’s Birth Centre can not administer epidural pain relief, nor are there special cots for babies who are poorly when they are born, available.

Mrs May is risking people’s lives if she is willing to mislead them in the way she has and they turn up at Dewsbury, when they should be at Pinderfields. Dewsbury has 4 resuscitation beds for adults and one for a child. It has 4 ‘enhanced care’ beds, for elective surgery patients only. It is not closed, but it is not a full A&E in the traditional sense.  “The rooms behind the A&E have changed” said a MYHT Board member recently.  There are 2 wards over and above those specified in the Full Business Case at the Meeting the Challenge reorganisation and a number of elective colo-rectal surgery operations, due to lack of capacity ie not enough room, at Pinderfields.

Who knows what cuts are down the pipeline in the West Yorkshire Sustainability and Transformation Plan arrangements? We will be asking all our MPs to keep their eye on the ball with that one.

Today (29th June 2017) Tracey Brabin MP spoke in the House about the fact that her some of her constituents were being made to wait for operations for 6 months and up to a year, if they smoked or if they were classed as obese. This move has been brought in by the North Kirklees Cinical Commissioning Group, to ‘manage’ demand and is not clinician led as Andrea Leadsome said it was, rather it is ‘manager led.’ While it is hoped that clinicians are able to over rule the managers if a cancer needs to be removed, for example, it is the beginning of ‘managed care,’ a regime used in the US by insurance companies, to restrict treatment and therefore maximise profit. While the NHS as yet is not looking for a profit as a whole, individual bits of it, those with for-profit providers, are.  Paula Sherriff MP also reiterated her question about Dewsbury A&E. Andrea Leadsome said she did not understand the question and invited Paula Sherriff MP to write to her about it.

As for the denying operations to some classes of patients, it is a very slippery road to be going down. Why should someone who has been sexually abused as a child, be punished again in adulthood and have treatment denied?  Who exactly knows why some people present as they do?


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