NHS England in Leeds, refuse to take a letter

Quarry House Leeds

Campaigners from the region met today 23 December 2016, in Leeds to mark the day contracts for two years, were handed in to NHS England in a great rush, three months earlier than normal and valid for two years rather than the traditional one year.

Christmas carols with appropriate words  for explaining the Slash Trash and Privatise plans were sung


by the  sizeable crowd gathered at the NHS England headquarters at Quarry House, Quarry Hill, Leeds, before the hand in of a letter signed by hundreds of people. G4S security at the door, went to the offices of NHS England to let them know there was a letter waiting, but NO ONE was prepared to come down to receive it.  What did they think would happen?  Campaigners recognised that this was their Martin Luther King moment but in the absence of a nail and a wooden door to bang it into, resorted to tying the letter to a pillar before leaving to blend in with the throngs of Christmas shoppers.

The text of the letter is available to read here:-http://www.stopthestps.org.uk/open-howl-at-stp/4593415239

Campaigners tie the letter to a pillar before leaving.

2 thoughts on “NHS England in Leeds, refuse to take a letter”

    1. According to the blogger at Big Up the NHS, there is a toxic culture at the top of the NHS, from NHS England down.

      The NHS Action party says “This is why we cannot allow politicians to shirk their duty to provide a functional NHS”. Therefore it is useful to ask friends and relatives in areas with a Conservative MP, to write and phone their MP demanding that something should be done and not accepting the argument that a strong NHS depends on a strong economy. A strong NHS is a cause of a strong economy. A study by Globalisation and Health in 2013, came to that conclusion.

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