National Day of Action! Vigil; 3 December; Halifax Road entrance; Dewsbury Hospital, 11:30 to 12:30

Drop by and tweet one!
Drop by and tweet one!

The so called Sustainability and Transformation Plans are dressed up as 2 things, the first as a way to implement Simon Stevens, Boss of NHS England’s 5 Year Forward View and second as a way to cut costs due the huge underfunding of the NHS, lied about consistently by both Hunt and May.
What they will actually do, is being kept secret. In spite of the STP Lead Rob Webster from the West Yorkshire Footprint number 5, saying it is not a vehicle for privatisation, the guidelines from NHS Improvement show that there will be a significant emphasis in the evaluation of CCGs performance, on their success in ‘outsourcing.’ Rob Webster talked at the Health and Wellbeing Board on Thursday 24 Nov about ‘delegating’ and for the delegates to be still under your control, but we all know that this costs money, involving a huge amount of oversight by contract, performance, governance and operational experts.
And still Serco managed to defraud the NHS on more than one account.  There are questions surrounding dubious practices at a company locally and the US arm of one of the companies with contracts for both Commissioning Support AND providing services in and around Brighton and Hove, has been successfully prosecuted for fraud in the US. The opportunity for conflicts of interest has never been greater.
More information about STPs and their effects here:-
If you’ve never been to anything like this before, give it a go, especially if you have a ‘phone which takes photos. Drop by and tweet one. We are looking to make lots of tweets. #stoptheSTPs

Resistance to publishing the financial, activity and workforce appendices to the STP plans is widespread, and even an FOI has been rejected. Even Chairs of Health and Wellbeing Boards do not realise appendices exist.

The shift away from NHS accountability to the public is obvious. People need to know. That’s why we’re  organising a get together outside Dewsbury Hospital for an hour and give out leaflets to passers by on the  National Day of Action, 3 December 2016, at 11:30am, although other actions start from 10am. (Look out for other actions on the facebook page, there are actions in Barnsley and Halifax so far). This will be a few days before signing of the 2 year contracts happening on 23 December.

More information is on the website and  digest of the plans follows below.

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There is no need to underfund the NHS, it is a political choice. We are the 6th richest country in the world, yet we already have fewer hospital beds per 1000 population than all the EU counties bar one!

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stp-final-nicwattsv3Digest of the West Yorkshire STP:

  • Imposition of “new care models” based on American private health care systems,
  • Creation of public-private partnerships via US style Accountable Care Organisations for community/primary care, also involving Hospital Trusts in some areas.
  • Big changes to governance and commissioning (that will cost a lot of money spent on spent on consultancy companies)
  • Workforce upheaval including introduction of new low skilled grades of staff including big charities and unregistered staff and retraining existing staff to carry out new roles,
  • Restriction and withdrawal of services/treatments, mainly elective services and drugs/ specialised foods/drinks
  • 7 day working – with no attempt made to address all the unresolved issues about this
  • Patients’ self care – to cut £1m costs
  • Behaviour change programmes for obesity, smoking, alcohol abuse and diabetes prevention (that ignore the social, economic and environmental determinants of these health problems)
  • Lots of digitech
  • Reconfiguration of acute hospital services – ie A&E mostly only vaguely referred to but: a cut to the number of hyperacute hospitals and referred to as centralisation.

Chrissy P had never done anything like a rally before, but gave it her best and created a huge success.

Drop by and tweet one, or two, or even 3!
Drop by and tweet one, or two, or even 3!

Oh, and sign the petition:-

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