Who diverts revenue from Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust and by implication Dewsbury District Hospital?

The main entrance to Dewsbury District Hospital..

The government likes to cite ‘choice’ when talking about it’s changes to NHS structures, but, as the quantities of food thrown away from supermarkets shows, where there’s choice, there’s waste! No one wants NHS structures to be set in stone or objects to new initiatives, but not being transparent about where they are leading to, is just plain wrong.  Here is a list of a few of the profit making companies who take revenue,  which formerly would have gone to Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust.

‘Specsavers’, audiology and optometry: ‘Boots’, audiology and optometry: ‘OneHealthGroup’: general surgery, orthopedics, gynaecology and spine,: ‘Spire’, hips and knees: Opcare, wheelchair services: Priderm and Virgincare, dermatology: ConnectHealth, musculoskeletal problems including arthritis and problems needing physiotherapy and this is only a small proportion and not mentioning the accountancy firms called in to suggest ways to make ‘savings.’

At the demonstration


outside White Rose House the Chief Officer of Wakefield CCG said the STP plans were all about using money wisely. If they really wanted to do that they would make themselves redundant. https://www.opendemocracy.net/ournhs/caroline-molloy/billions-of-wasted-nhs-cash-noone-wants-to-mention

Clinical Commissioning Groups are being urged to outsource more services to the private sector via the Sustainability and Transformation Plans and will be graded on how well they do this. Failure to outsource, will mean they could be taken over by NHS England. This will mean inevitably there will be more privatisations. In a consultation due to end today about conflicts of interest, there is no mention of the primacy of CLINICAL judgment. https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/conflicts-of-interest-consultation.pdf

We are so far down the line of patient pathways and availability of treatment being in the hands of private providers they have written our regional West Yorkshire Footprint number 5,  STP!


February 2017

In the fast moving world of NHS contracts we now find that the contract for dermatology has been removed from Virgin and is now with a GP controlled company called Novus.

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