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Keep All Services At Dewsbury District Hospital is a non party political group who will work with all parties and none, to reach it’s goal.

Tracey Brabin MP, (Labour) newly elected Member of Parliament for Batley and Spen, has come up with an idea of recording a selection of very different types of people, just saying in one sentence, why the loss of the proper A&E in Dewsbury hospital, which now will not be able to admit them if they need it, is a worry. Or to recount if they have been directed from pillar to post because the services were overstretched and how that made them feel. With the Government recently putting great emphasis on the parity of Mental and Physical health, government need to know that the results of their policies is worse mental health with the stress and worry a lack of hospital services is causing. The reduction in services is not as the pundits claim, more old people, it is the reduction in funding from 10% GDP in 2010 to around 6.45%GDP today, in spite of a larger population of all ages. In fact the figures were looking so bad, the Government had to change the way it calculated them and now it includes social care, so the figure is back up to 9.5% GDP which is still worse than France or Germany and still only just over 6% is spent on health.


Thank you to those people who responded via the comments box, to my last appeal  for patient stories. I appreciate it. If we put enough pressure on the decision makers, we can change these decisions. I heard with my own ears, Simon Stevens, the boss of NHS England, tell Paula Sherriff MP that he would look into the issues at Dewsbury hospital, but did Paula get chance to press him to keep his promise,  before her job changed?  I don’t know. We can’t let decision makers off the hook.

Attain, the company writing the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for West Yorkshire’s area of 6 councils and 11 Clinical Commissioning Groups, does not care that it is using money to profit it’s shareholders, from the NHS, which could otherwise be used for patient care.  Deloitte does not care that it is using NHS money to pay shareholders, which could otherwise have been used for patient care, while it looks into the finances at Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust, Jeremy Hunt does not care that he contracted Virginia Mason, a profit making hospital chain in the US, to show Leeds Teaching Hospital how to run as safe hospital, even though it had failed it’s own regulator’s safety assessment.


There really is NO comparison. (If we allow these Sustainability and Transformation Plans to form Accountable Care Organisations like the US has, we will be sanctioning more cost for less care, forever. See CETA.)

Malling Health, at Dewsbury Health Centre, does not care that it’s NHS funding stream goes straight into the Bahamas tax haven and it’s 20% interest debt, will all need repaying eventually.

All this is perfectly legal and above board. But as the BBC says, is it ethical?

It’s a sad fact but we need to fight for our share! Please express your interest in appearing in the


vox-pop, via the comments box.  Your comment will not be published. As far as I know, the finished short film will go out on facebook and twitter as well as being directed at the government ministers involved in health decisions.

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