Lobby the West Yorkshire Sustainability and Transformation Plan office


On Friday 21st October, the West Yorkshire Regional Sustainability and Transformation Plan is being submitted to NHS England from their office in Wakefield. The plan is then due to be  reviewed by NHS England and then possibly, published. The changes the plan makes, especially large ones like the leaked suggestion of up to 5 ward closures in Leeds hospital, should be subject to the statutory 3 month consultation period mentioned by the Mid Yorkshire Trust and the North Kirklees CCG at the public meeting on 23 August 2016 in Dewsbury Town Hall. https://www.northkirkleesnhssupportgroup.org.uk/?m=201609

However, there are not 3 months between the delivery on 21st October and 23 December 2016, when NHS England has mandated contracts MUST be signed.

The Regional STP office, is in the Wakefield CCG office building  which is White Rose House, West Parade,

White Rose House, West Parade
Wakefield, England, WF1 1LT


We are joining with campaign groups round the region,  setting up a rally outside the offices from 12.00-1.00 on 21 October 2016, to protest about the plans, and the secrecy and urgency with which they are being rushed through. Bring placards and banners if you have them. “These latest reforms offer private sector organisations enormous opportunity” says Michael McDonnell, NHS Director of strategy.

Campaigning works. It’s only a done deal if you do nowt, so do summat to help.



Thank you.

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