Who diverts revenue from Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust and by implication Dewsbury District Hospital?

The main entrance to Dewsbury District Hospital..

The government likes to cite ‘choice’ when talking about it’s changes to NHS structures, but, as the quantities of food thrown away from supermarkets shows, where there’s choice, there’s waste! No one wants NHS structures to be set in stone or objects to new initiatives, but not being transparent about where they are leading to, is just plain wrong.  Here is a list of a few of the profit making companies who take revenue,  which formerly would have gone to Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust.

‘Specsavers’, audiology and optometry: ‘Boots’, audiology and optometry: ‘OneHealthGroup’: general surgery, orthopedics, gynaecology and spine,: ‘Spire’, hips and knees: Opcare, wheelchair services: Priderm and Virgincare, dermatology: ConnectHealth, musculoskeletal problems including arthritis and problems needing physiotherapy and this is only a small proportion and not mentioning the accountancy firms called in to suggest ways to make ‘savings.’

At the demonstration


outside White Rose House the Chief Officer of Wakefield CCG said the STP plans were all about using money wisely. If they really wanted to do that they would make themselves redundant. https://www.opendemocracy.net/ournhs/caroline-molloy/billions-of-wasted-nhs-cash-noone-wants-to-mention

Clinical Commissioning Groups are being urged to outsource more services to the private sector via the Sustainability and Transformation Plans and will be graded on how well they do this. Failure to outsource, will mean they could be taken over by NHS England. This will mean inevitably there will be more privatisations. In a consultation due to end today about conflicts of interest, there is no mention of the primacy of CLINICAL judgment. https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/conflicts-of-interest-consultation.pdf

We are so far down the line of patient pathways and availability of treatment being in the hands of private providers they have written our regional West Yorkshire Footprint number 5,  STP!


February 2017

In the fast moving world of NHS contracts we now find that the contract for dermatology has been removed from Virgin and is now with a GP controlled company called Novus.

Do summat to help: volunteer to be in a vox-pop



Keep All Services At Dewsbury District Hospital is a non party political group who will work with all parties and none, to reach it’s goal.

Tracey Brabin MP, (Labour) newly elected Member of Parliament for Batley and Spen, has come up with an idea of recording a selection of very different types of people, just saying in one sentence, why the loss of the proper A&E in Dewsbury hospital, which now will not be able to admit them if they need it, is a worry. Or to recount if they have been directed from pillar to post because the services were overstretched and how that made them feel. With the Government recently putting great emphasis on the parity of Mental and Physical health, government need to know that the results of their policies is worse mental health with the stress and worry a lack of hospital services is causing. The reduction in services is not as the pundits claim, more old people, it is the reduction in funding from 10% GDP in 2010 to around 6.45%GDP today, in spite of a larger population of all ages. In fact the figures were looking so bad, the Government had to change the way it calculated them and now it includes social care, so the figure is back up to 9.5% GDP which is still worse than France or Germany and still only just over 6% is spent on health.


Thank you to those people who responded via the comments box, to my last appeal  for patient stories. I appreciate it. If we put enough pressure on the decision makers, we can change these decisions. I heard with my own ears, Simon Stevens, the boss of NHS England, tell Paula Sherriff MP that he would look into the issues at Dewsbury hospital, but did Paula get chance to press him to keep his promise,  before her job changed?  I don’t know. We can’t let decision makers off the hook.

Attain, the company writing the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for West Yorkshire’s area of 6 councils and 11 Clinical Commissioning Groups, does not care that it is using money to profit it’s shareholders, from the NHS, which could otherwise be used for patient care.  Deloitte does not care that it is using NHS money to pay shareholders, which could otherwise have been used for patient care, while it looks into the finances at Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust, Jeremy Hunt does not care that he contracted Virginia Mason, a profit making hospital chain in the US, to show Leeds Teaching Hospital how to run as safe hospital, even though it had failed it’s own regulator’s safety assessment.


There really is NO comparison. (If we allow these Sustainability and Transformation Plans to form Accountable Care Organisations like the US has, we will be sanctioning more cost for less care, forever. See CETA.)

Malling Health, at Dewsbury Health Centre, does not care that it’s NHS funding stream goes straight into the Bahamas tax haven and it’s 20% interest debt, will all need repaying eventually.


All this is perfectly legal and above board. But as the BBC says, is it ethical?

It’s a sad fact but we need to fight for our share! Please express your interest in appearing in the


vox-pop, via the comments box.  Your comment will not be published. As far as I know, the finished short film will go out on facebook and twitter as well as being directed at the government ministers involved in health decisions.

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The public turns out from as far as Barnsley to lobby at White Rose House: Wakefield.

People begin to gather.

People from Leeds, Wakefield, Barnsley, Huddersfield, North Kirklees and Calderdale turned out with banners and placards, to gather outside the headquarters of the STP West Yorkshire footprint number 5, at White Rose House, Wakefield on 21 October2016, the very day NHS England had mandated for the submission of the Regional plan. Jo Webster, Chief Accountable Officer for Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) came out to meet the group and said that the plans were aspirational and at this time, contained little detail about service reconfiguration. She confirmed that they had been sent that morning.

What does Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP) mean?  The remit from Simon Stevens, NHS England and NHS Improvement is to usher in so called ‘new models of care.’ As Martin Barkley put it in the public meeting on 23 August, ‘hospital at home’.


There are 6 principles, published by NHS England as explained in the diagram. Three of them are very noticeably  focused on volunteers. It is not only campaigners who lie awake at night, worrying about the impact on the current NHS workforce, of these changes.

Section 3 focuses  on equality and narrowing health inequalities. This is a very fuzzy phrase. What does it mean, especially in the light of the cuts North Kirklees CCG is already making, to certain medicines and certain procedures? https://www.northkirkleesccg.nhs.uk/your-views-on-proposed-changes-to-healthcare/

We assume it is narrowing health inequalities downwards, to the lowest common denominator.  Everyone seeking NHS treatment is due less treatment in the future. The diagram contains what one campaigner has dubbed “Happy Talk”. It is an occasion where words obfuscate meaning.  These occasions are becoming more common.  When NHS officials talk about ‘value for money,’ ‘sustainable,’ ‘reducing waste’, for example, reach for the ‘ bullsh*t alert’ buzzer.

The New Models of Care need a ‘modern workforce’. This means that in the future you will not necessarily see a doctor. The fashionable phrase is “skill mix”. Dr Kelly said at the 23 August meeting, that with these new ‘practitioners’ ie. nurses, nurse practitioners, auxilliaries, people who have trained for 2 years rather than the 5 to 7 it takes for a GP, then there will not be such a need for GPs. In the US the third most likely cause of death in insured people, after heart disease and cancer, is preventable medical error. This is down to two factors never before found in the NHS, that is i) ‘commercial in confidence’ contracts, where regulators are denied access to the business ‘secrets’ and also ii)the less qualified staff.

This is particularly relevant in the NHS today as the BBC has reported that Durham CCG has appointed a private company to vet GP referrals to specialists. Does their contract include bonuses for keeping people away from consultants?


North Kirklees CCG  has been asked this question “Do you use a private company for GP referral vetting?”, It realises that while Musculo-skeletal services are vetted by the new private provider,


it says it has not commissioned a company to vet other GP referrals.


Barnsley is in the South Yorkshire footprint, but it’s stroke services are compromised by the lack of consultants, so people with strokes are brought to Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust at Pinderfields. MYHT also has some contracts with Barnsley’s Hospital Trust.

At the MYHT  AGM it was revealed that the Trust has put on hold the removal of any more services from Dewsbury Hospital, at least until May 2017. A small win for campaigners.

Now that the West Yorkshire STP has been sent to NHS England, there is no reason why  the West Yorkshire  Regional Plan should not be published. Get your buzzers ready.

Lobby the West Yorkshire Sustainability and Transformation Plan office


On Friday 21st October, the West Yorkshire Regional Sustainability and Transformation Plan is being submitted to NHS England from their office in Wakefield. The plan is then due to be  reviewed by NHS England and then possibly, published. The changes the plan makes, especially large ones like the leaked suggestion of up to 5 ward closures in Leeds hospital, should be subject to the statutory 3 month consultation period mentioned by the Mid Yorkshire Trust and the North Kirklees CCG at the public meeting on 23 August 2016 in Dewsbury Town Hall. https://www.northkirkleesnhssupportgroup.org.uk/?m=201609

However, there are not 3 months between the delivery on 21st October and 23 December 2016, when NHS England has mandated contracts MUST be signed.

The Regional STP office, is in the Wakefield CCG office building  which is White Rose House, West Parade,

White Rose House, West Parade
Wakefield, England, WF1 1LT


We are joining with campaign groups round the region,  setting up a rally outside the offices from 12.00-1.00 on 21 October 2016, to protest about the plans, and the secrecy and urgency with which they are being rushed through. Bring placards and banners if you have them. “These latest reforms offer private sector organisations enormous opportunity” says Michael McDonnell, NHS Director of strategy.

Campaigning works. It’s only a done deal if you do nowt, so do summat to help.



Thank you.

Jeremy Corbyn wishes to meet those campaigning against cuts and closures at Dewsbury Hospital, whether they are Labour members or not!

As campaigners against the downgrading of Dewsbury Hospital, you are 
invited to meet Jeremy Corbyn to tell him of your concerns and hear his 
response. Date: Thursday 13 October Time: 3.30pm Venue: centre of 
Batley. If you are able to come, please contact us throughnhspic3-copy   the 'leave a comment box' with your phone number and we will reply giving you precise details of the location. Please reply no later than Thursday 8am. This invitation is not limited to members of the Labour party. Your details will not be published.

Help Build a New Movement for Health Justice

At the North Kirklees CCG public engagement event on  5th October 2016, one of the parting comments from the Chair of the CCG was along the lines of, we’ll need to have a debate about what the NHS is for! ?!!!!!!!?

At a time when people are turning up at the GP suffering from the symptoms of hunger,  yet the concept of need is being removed from the Local Authority’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, to turn it into a Joint Strategic Assessment, what on earth is going on?

Placard at  Conservative Party Conference

Notice of the Conference by the Politics of Health Group seems timely.

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“While policy makers and pundits agonise understandably about the future of the NHS, a glaring injustice is side-lined.  This is the injustice of health inequalities.  I am writing on behalf of the Politics of Health Group, The Equalities Trust and Birmingham City University to invite you to help us build a new movement for health justice.

Inequalities in health are no accident.  They are the result of a failure right across the breadth of public policy.  We know what causes them, we know what we need to do to put them right.  Thousands of words have been written and uttered about this disgrace (not least by our Prime Minister when she took office on 13 July this year).  But still they persist.

It is no longer acceptable that there should be a 25 year gap in life expectancy between the richest and poorest in British society.  It is no longer acceptable that a child born in the wrong place should be condemned to a life time of poverty and deprivation.

We need a new politics for health to right this injustice – a policy that takes into account all the factors that contribute to good health. The Politics of Health Group, working with our partners, is bringing people together from all walks of life across the UK to kick start a public health campaign for policies that reduce health inequalities. We have already held four regional meetings in Sheffield, Birmingham, London and Chester that have showed there’s a clear appetite for action. The findings from these meetings will be fed into a national event at BCU on 23rdNovember where we hope to set the ball rolling for real change.  Please join us, and please spread the word!

You can find further details and book a place by following this link: NP4H Event “

Maggie Winters,
Secretary, PoHG and former Project Manager for the Public Health Alliance

Professor Richard Wilkinson, Professor Emeritus of Social Epidemiology at the University of Nottingham Medical School, Honorary Professor at UCL and a Visiting Professor at the University of York and The Equality Trust Dr Jenny Douglas, Faculty of Health & Social Care, The Open University Sue Laughlin, Co-Chair, Politics of Health Group  Dr Alex Scott-Samuel, Co-Chair, Politics of Health Group  Dr Katie Powell, Health Equity and Inclusion Research Group, University of Sheffield Alan Taman, Health Public Relations Specialist Dr Anne Robbins, Health, Education and Life Sciences, Birmingham City University Dr Kate Thomson, Health, Education & Life Sciences, Birmingham City University Dr Rebecca Mead, University of Chester Jake Sallaway-Costello, Health, Education and Life Sciences, Birmingham City University

On behalf of the Politics of Health GroupBirmingham City University and The Equality Trust

Say No to Uber Docs! Template letter to your GP practice

If you are bothered that a new online company https://www.doctaly.com/ is wanting to offer GP appointments for money, here is a template letter to send to your own GP.

Contact details for all but two of the Calderdale GP practices are here. And for Greater Huddersfield GP Practices, contact details are here and North Kirklees GP Practices are here.


I am concerned that the new private GP company Doctaly is to roll out a national “pay to see a GP” scheme that patients and GPs can sign up to via the Doctaly website.

I very much hope that GPs at our GP practice do not sign up to this Doctaly scheme.

This scheme signs up GPs to work for Doctaly, in their own practices and in their “spare” time; and it allows patients who want to pay for GP appointments to book and pay via the Doctaly website.

The cost of a 15 minute appointment varies between £39.99 and £69.99 depending on the time and day of the week. Patients choosing and booking an appointment through the Doctaly website are asked to confirm they are not registered at the GP practice they choose.

Doctaly does not employ GPs directly but takes a cut of their fee for their Doctaly “pay to see GP” appointments.

I am amazed that Doctaly thinks GPs have any spare time. We are led to believe that because of sustained underfunding of GP practices, GPs are so overstretched that their working lives are almost impossible.

In addition, the Doctaly scheme undermines the principle that the NHS is a comprehensive service that is free at the point of use to everyone, based on their clinical need, not their ability to pay.

Dr Jackie Applebee, chair of Tower Hamlets LMC, told Pulse Today that the Doctaly scheme is “very worrying” and would “further destablise general practice”. In addition, Dr Applebee said,

This sort of service is the slippery slope towards privatisation of the NHS. It introduces the principle of topping up NHS services with purchased services if one has the disposable income. If the more affluent begin to do this in significant numbers it is only a small step to an insurance-based health service.”

GPC deputy chair Richard Vautrey has said that with the Doctaly scheme,

the risk is a more fragmented service and patients having remote consultations with doctors they don’t know and who won’t have full access to their NHS medical record.”

I look forward to your reply and as a patient at this practice, hope that this GP practice will decide not to give any time or space to this Doctaly scheme.


Local Medical Committee

Clinical Commissioning Group

Kasddh says many thanks to our friends at Calderdale and Kirklees 999CallfortheNHS


Yorkshire Health Campaigns Together to win


Leeds KONP is hosting the Yorkshire Health Campaigns Together to Win Conference which is on Saturday 15th October, 10:30am to 4:00pm at the St George’s Conference Centre Leeds.

The organisers say,

“We are expecting a good attendance at the Yorkshire Health Campaigns Together to Win Conference in Leeds on Sat 15th October with people already committed to coming from Calderdale, Kirklees, Bradford, Keighley , Otley, Harrogate , York,  Leeds and Sheffield and several visiting Lancastrians from Manchester who can tell us something about devolution.

It is not absolutely essential to book  in advance but if you are planning to come, it would be very helpful if you could let us know by sending a quick e mail to this address  leedskonp@yahoo.co.uk and mentioning the area you live or work as we are pre-registering  people with names and e mail addresses on sheets divvied up by town/ city .

There is no charge for attendance but we hope that people will be happy to make a donation towards the cost of refreshments; sandwiches, juice,  tea, coffee, biscuits etc

See you there.