Join the Vigil outside the Halifax Road entrance to Dewsbury Hospital 11am to 12 noon this Friday 16th September

To mark the downgrade of A&E services at Dewsbury Hospital and the removal of children’s inpatient and consultant led maternity services to Pinderfields we are holding a vigil for an hour outside the entrance on Halifax Road.

This action will sweep across the Pennines the next day, as campaigners demonstrate , to demand the reopening of Chorley A&E. Protests are taking place at WIGAN, BOLTON, CHORLEY, BLACKBURN, PRESTON, BLACKPOOL AND LANCASTER. . People who should have been taken to Chorley A&E now end up all across the region, at the hospitals mentioned above and anecdotally also in Salford, Manchester and Bury, thus putting pressure on them. In the same way, patients from North Kirklees will end up at Pinderfields or further afield, putting unnecessary  pressure on facilities there. Come and join us for an hour.  Take an early lunch break, or a late morning break.

We stand together

“The NHS will last as long as there are people willing to fight for it.”

Have you been redirected from Pinderfields A&E or maternity, to Dewsbury A&E or maternity, in the last 18 months? If so please “leave a reply”.  It will not be made public unless you request this.

The Trust says:-

“The changes will take place between September 16th and 19th. In summary:


New midwife led birth centres will open at Dewsbury and Pinderfields and the consultant labour ward will be centralised at Pinderfields which means all deliveries requiring consultant involvement (including Caesarians and epidural) will be at Pinderfields

Routine ante natal and post-natal care, including scans, will still be offered locally in the community and at all three of the Trust’s hospitals

There will be access to scans and assessment at Dewsbury for some women with complications in early pregnancy

A dedicated acute gynaecology and early pregnancy assessment service will be set up at Pinderfields

Paediatric inpatient services will be centralised at Pinderfields

The children’s assessment unit at Dewsbury will be open from 10am to 10 pm and children requiring hospital admission will need to go to Pinderfields (or to a more specialist children’s service)

Acute surgery will be centralised at Pinderfields

Most complex surgery and surgery for people who may need critical care support will be centralised at Pinderfields (except colorectal and  bariatric surgery which will transfer to Pinderfields when all critical care services are centralised in 2017)

More planned surgery will be provided at Dewsbury and Pontefract

Outpatient clinics will continue to be provided at all three hospitals

Changes to acute medicine and critical care services are due to take place in spring 2017.”

UPDATE 16th September 19:19

Many thanks to all who turned out especially MP Paula Sherriff who is a consistent supporter of keeping all services at Dewsbury Hospital and spoke about the issues here in Dewsbury, at the Opposition STP debate on Wednesday.


And this is very important. What people with private health insurance and wallets full of cash have not realised is, that no private companies run A&E departments. So if they are in a road traffic accident, they are as vulnerable to death, having to travel 50 miles in an ambulance, as the rest of us.

The rain kept off, the Reporter Series and Look North photographers turned out and in the words of the song …

“We will not give up the fight, we have only started,

We have only started,

We have only start-ed”

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